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The African Artisan’s cutlery range consists of an assortment of gorgeous pieces to suit every occasion. Lovingly hand crafted from high quality stainless steel, our stainless steel range comes in three beautiful designs.

Our Story

Being from South Africa my love is for the beauty and wonderment that is Africa. With this in mind when I moved to The Netherlands four years ago, I decided to take that love of Africa and tell her story through my eyes by sharing with Europe and the world, beautifully hand selected artisanal made decor, service ware and fashion accessories from Africa. And so, The African Artisan was born. The culmination of previously owning an online décor emporium in South Africa and the need as a mom to teach my children that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. That owning a business, having integrity, being kind and empowering others is possible.

I made the choice from the onset that I wanted to work with women owned and run business. I wanted to work with women who had the same core values and principles as I do. Women who believe in empowering other women and giving back to the community. Almost 100% of my suppliers are women owned enterprises that hold the values I see as absolutes.  These women and their businesses empower the local communities by skills education, gainful employment and upliftment projects.

I believe Africa has so much talent and we have so much to offer the rest of the world. Unfortunately when you think of décor from Africa one immediately thinks of masks and wooden animals.  There is so much more that encompasses the cliched idea of what Africa has to offer.  It is my sincerest wish to showcase just a small amount of the enormous talent we have.

All of our products have been hand selected by me. I absolutely love and believe in every product in our range. When deciding on a product I look for quality, beauty and functionality. Every item is artisanally handcrafted with the emphasis being on an all round quality product.

I hope our products inspire you to be bold with your decor and fashion choices but mostly I hope our products bring you joy!

Just Launched

Our latest range of hand crafted ceramics service ware from Africa.

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